Barack Obama Civil Security Force: Why Socialism Demands One.   Leave a comment

Posted by A Stoner on Sunday, November 02, 2008 6:18:06 PM
I think I have figured out why Barack Obama has decided that we need a powerful national civil security force that is as powerful as the military. It is because a national civil security force would not be hamstrung from attacking American Citizens as our military would be. The United States military cannot be used against its citizens, and the people who form the back bone of the military would not allow themselves to be turned against the civilian population, they serve the Constitution, which they respect. The civilian security force would not have these United States of the Constitution restrictions placed on them. The civilian security force would also likely be made up of people who share the views of Barack Obama as well as William Ayers and other people who wish to turn America into the United Socialist States of America because the people who are already serving America serve her in the United States military forces.

When Barack Obama starts to make the changes to this country that he plans to make, many Americans are going to be justly against these changes, and there will eventually come a time when “We the People” are going to be forced to stand up to keep our great nation great. This is when the true nature of the civilian security force will be shown. It will be under the direct command of Barack Obama and will work very much like his truth squads and his radio talk show stopping goon squad’s work. When Americans dare to question Barack first the goon squads will be dispatched to try to over talk them, if this does not work, the truth squads will be set free to prosecute and litigate people into subdued silence, and when all else fails, the National Civilian Security Force will force Americans to remain in their homes, or be taken to reeducation camps, such as what William Ayers and Bernadine Dhorn talked about where 25,000,000 American may need to be terminated in order to bring about socialism. Since then, America has grown much in population and that 25,000,000 may be significantly increased.
Barack Obama’s tax plans will hobble our economy and job creation and likely cause a large exodus of money from American companies into other countries industries. Barack Obama’s plans for or energy sector will cause massive rolling blackouts and likely many in America will no longer be able to afford to heat their homes in winter or cool them in summer. His plans for powering our transportation needs will cause Americans to give up their freedom for public transportation. His plans for our health care will eventually lead to medical rationing. When all of these problems cause the American freedom loving people to stand up, they will need to be knocked down, and since Barack could not trust in the Military to subdue them, he will need the National Civilian Security Forces to do it.


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