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Posted by A Stoner on Friday, March 26, 2010 1:17:28 PM

Amendment 1:
The states have the right to dismiss supreme court justices on the grounds that they do not uphold the constitution, particularly as pertains to states’ rights. Similar to a constitutional convention where the states join together to agree to dismiss the judge. 2/3 requirement. (Needed to restore balance between states and federal government, since the 17th Amendment took away the appointment of senators)

Amendment 2:
The federal government spending is limited to not more than 20% (18% in four years) (16% in 8 years) (14% in 12 years) and (12% in 16 years) of gross domestic product. Except in cases of war in which the government may spend funds as needed. The federal government shall be required keep an emergency fund, the value of the fund shall be three times the previous years limited spending value. The fund should be allowed to build up to that limit over a period of 16 years.

Amendment 3:
The commerce clause is modified to reflect the following. Congress shall only make laws that facilitate the exchange of goods, services or currency between the states. Congress shall make no laws which infringe upon the free exchange of goods, services or currency between the states. (They can make right of ways for roads, railroads, electrical grid, communications wires and so forth. They can help facilitate the network required for air traffic control and the differing frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum for communications and prevent disturbances of said bands. They cannot tell farmers they cannot farm or grow a certain crop.)

Amendment 4:
All taxes or fees shall be levied upon the population shall be single rate with no exclusion nor waiver for any purpose. (every person pays for the full cost of the government based on their ability. if the rate of taxes is 15% of earnings, then someone making $10,000 will pay $1500, someone making $1m will pay $150,000. There will no longer be any ability of special interests to petition the government for special tax considerations.)

Amendment 5:
The federal government has no authority to make direct payments to any individual or group of individuals for any purpose which is not enumerated in the constitution. (Military, Congress, limited executive branch, Judiciary, ambassadors and embassies and such.)

Amendment 6:
Clarifies general welfare is not an enumerated power of the federal government.

Amendment 7:
All rights, privileges and immunities for which United States Citizens enjoy for which the constitution prohibits the federal government from infringing the states are similarly prohibited from infringing. (The right to free speech, bear arms, and so forth.)

Amendment 8:
All Illegal, undocumented or otherwise uninvited aliens of the United States Government are afforded no rights, privileges or immunities which have been granted to citizens,legal residents and invited aliens though this constitution.

Amendment 9:
No public employee may be a member of any union. (must be worded so that they cannot join any group which actively petitions the government in any form.)

Amendment 10:
The Rights enumerated and unenumerated in this constitution cannot be used to force any other citizen or entity of the United States of America to provide for the exercise of that right. A right is only a right when it can be exercised absent the coercion of others to facilitate it. (Free speech, but not a free tv show. Right to bear arms, but not be provided arms and ammunition. If abortion can remain a right after all this, no money, nor coercing doctors to perform it.)

Amendment 11:
The federal government may claim no land nor make regulations upon the use of any land for which it is not explicitly granted the power through an enumeration in the Constitution of the United States of America. (Worded such that the federal government limit on land is Washington DC, Military Bases, Federal Prisons, embassies of the United States of America and those of foreign nations in American Territory and any others enumerated..)


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