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Posted by A Stoner on Friday, March 26, 2010 2:22:12 PM
The right to health care automatically grants the power to provide health care to the federal government. Because there is a large demand for the medical care, we will have to set up a system to ensure that there is adequate care for everyone. We the government intend to provide the best possible health care a bunch of bureaucrats can possibly deliver. To hold us to this claim we will write up a Service Level Agreement (SLA) such that every American is ensured to all procedures to be delivered within a short period of time with a high level of quality provided by well-trained personnel.

In order to live up to this SLA we will also need to obtain not just an army of doctors and nurses, but medical supplies, food, energy and all other requirements in order to supply the health care right to everyone. This large undertaking will be accomplished though our Executive National Service Level Agreement Vassaled Employee Department (ENSLAVED). We believe that this program will be such a success; almost every American will be ENSLAVED at some point. It would be wrong to pay the ENSLAVED for providing a right so we will work out permanent contracts that will grant each ENSLAVED employee the bare necessities of life. The ENSLAVED will be managed through the Malevolent August State Trained Empowered Ruling Society (MASTERS).


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