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Posted by A Stoner on Tuesday, March 09, 2010 1:37:18 AM
The solutions to our loss of values, responsibility and accountability with respect to the health care issue is as follows. It is harsh, unlike some people’s utopian ideas.

Send the Illegal aliens out of the country. Every last one we can by use of the laws on the books. Work site raids, prison sentences for employers who can be proven to have hired known illegals or those who did not do the bare minimum to ensure they only hired legal workers. I would also suggest figuring out who the people are that are doing lawn care, house cleaning and so forth. The jobs illegals take from Americans, they take mostly from the poorest of our nation. Children cannot fairly compete against illegals for character building task oriented jobs for neighbors. Adults cannot fairly compete against illegals for low skill high labor tasks that would give them work experience and a payday. The illegals come from nations with much lower standards of living, and think nothing of shacking up 10 people to a room in a home and eating much lower cost foods than most Americans are accustomed to.

Stop the tax free status of employer provided health insurance. Make the employers pay that money directly to the employee. The employee can then buy insurance on their own or through their employer, or through any voluntary group they chose to associate with. Yeah, it is pretty extreme, but then again, the whole idea of paying people with insurance seems somewhat extreme. I think people would prefer to have cash.

Allow a tax deduction, not a refundable tax credit, for those who buy health insurance. Health Insurance companies can send a 1099-Insurance similar to the 1099 form I get from my student loan company so I have a record for my tax deduction. This will keep the whole tax free health insurance valid, only it will take the power away from corporations and give it back to the worker, where it belongs.

Allow people to create unlimited health savings accounts that are paid with tax free money. They can only be used for the following things. Health care of anyone the owner of the account chooses to pay the health care costs of, funeral services, burial lots and such, and are also fully transferable through their will to any purpose they propose with no limit.

Give health Care providers a strong position to collect unpaid health care bills from deadbeats. Those who wish to pursue payments can, those who do charity can choose to not. But health care providers should have as much right to compensation as any other entity.

Get rid of the health care lottery system. Lawyers who pursue lawsuits over medical malpractice must be paid on a fixed fee or hourly rate basis only, 30% basis makes it a layer’s lottery more than actually paying for the actual damages. Pain and suffering must be limited, based on severity and duration of pain. Any punitive damages awarded do not go to the lawyer or the injured, but go to the insurance companies, so long as they are not also the malpractice insurance provider. It will be paid to these insurance providers based on % of past 5 years payments to the health care facility sued. All damages awarded go directly to the injured party, and malpractice insurance provider picks up lawyer fees and court costs. Loser pays for court costs and lawyer fees of person pursuing lawsuit. Malpractice insurance provider always picks up its own lawyer fees.

Allow insurance companies to sell insurance to any person regardless of location. Do not set lower limits on insurance, people who find it in their best interest for a high deductible catastrophic insurance plan should have one available to them. Those who want a more Cadillac plan should have those available. Basically, cross state sales of insurance.

In order to allow for preexisting conditions, allow insurance companies to exempt preexisting conditions from coverage for a set time frame, after which the insurance company would start to pick up some or all costs associated with the preexisting condition. I think some insurance companies already do this with a 2, 3 or 5 year waiting time. This seems fair. A person with preexisting conditions should be able to get health insurance, but health insurance companies should not be forced to pass on preexisting condition costs onto healthy customers, because it dilutes the value of insurance to those healthy customers and causes them to not feel that paying for it is worth it. People with preexisting conditions can likely count on charity, community and family to help cover many of their preexisting condition expenses.

Get rid of corporate taxes and investment taxes. This includes the death tax, which by a large margin is levied against small businesses and causes many to close. All taxes paid for by businesses are paid by customers. This makes American made products more expensive than outsourced products. This also causes businesses to open foreign plants and close domestic ones. This will do several things. It will increase production in America by Americans and allow Americans to be able to afford health insurance. Along with getting rid of illegal aliens, it will increase wages and move more poor people to middle class. It will improve employment and make workers more valuable through scarcity, and companies that cannot remain in business will go out of business. I do not have a problem with this, if a business cannot pay fair value for work or charge a price people are willing to pay, then they have no reason to be in business. If it means paying more for tomatoes, corn, carrots, shirts, socks, then that is the price that will be paid.

Get rid of medicare and medicaid as well as SCHIP and any other government provided health care benifit. The only exception is Veterans Administration, as we veterans pay for our health care through our blood sweat and tears providing the security through which any one else has the freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, also because the defense of the nation is in fact an enumerated responsibility of the Federal Government.

As far as states, I could care less what they do with health care. If they go the route of Massachusetts or the way of Texas. That is a right that states have. The federal government has no authority to be providing heath care for anyone other than those who serve in the armed forces. Everyone else, including our elected officials and government employees should be paying for their health care through their own pockets. If they chose to do so through insurance, great. If they choose to use a health savings account, awesome. If they can get a charity to pay for it, a relative from their medical savings account, or any other way, more power to them.

There, it is not nice, but it would work. Prices will drop. More people will become medical care practitioners because they are not discouraged by the government red tape and government underpricing. People will understand that there are values, responsibility and accountability in their health care choices, because the money will come from their own pockets, or from some charitable contribution that they will likely face first hand and know that they got something that has value. Taxes will drop, families will become stronger, values will be solidified, responsibility will be lain down on those who owe it, and accountability will be through self, family and community.


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