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Posted by A Stoner on Saturday, October 18, 2008 9:13:25 AM

I personally do not have the ambition of Joe the Plumber to attain my own business. If I get rich, it will be from a lottery ticket, outside that I am perfectly happy being an employee of someone like Joe the plumber. Even though I work as a well enough paid engineer, most of the work I do is for companies that pay taxes as a small business. Many are privately owned companies that provide work to between 100 and 1000 employees. Most American’s might think that those are large corporations; I mean I certainly did 10 years ago. But then I worked for my last company, and the owner had plans to add hundreds of thousands of square feet of production floor space and 300ish employees. He personally came around and talked to everyone, even a lowly contract engineer like me. He talked about how he was going to be able to afford this expansion, the reason? Because after tax profits were enough that they could put money into savings to be able to expand and hire new employees. Sure, they got richer, but they did not keep the money selfishly for themselves, they spent it for the greater good. Even while this company was expanding here in America, they were building another plant south of the border. They were moving the low skills jobs to a place that had employees who were ecstatic to do the work for low cost to the company. Every single employee was retained, trained by the company to do more difficult tasks. 200 jobs moved to Mexico and still this company was hiring 300 more. The reason is simple. George W Bush’s tax cuts allowed this company to expand to serve their customers when their customers needed more services. I like to work for people like Joe, and millions of Americans like to work for people like Joe.

Joe asked the right question, and amazingly Barack Obama answered honestly. Every American should ask themselves if they want to be Joe, do they want to work for Joe, or do they just want Joe’s money? I would benefit from Barack Obama’s tax plan for about a year. Then when I go to find a new job working for Joe, Joe will have to tell me that Barack Obama took my wages from him.

Thus my new job will be as a slave to Barack Obama, Barack Obama will control how millions of Americans get the things in life they need. It will start off as welfare payments in the suitably Marxist term refundable tax credits, and move on to government mandated healthcare where rationing is required, and ACORN assisted housing arrangements, food stamps and I will not chose my job, it will be dictated to me and it will likely be a job building the infrastructure that Beijing has, because Barack Obama is suitably impressed by that Marxist communist county’s ability get things done against their populations needs and desires.

My children will be slaves to Barack Obama as well. They will be forced to support Barack Obama’s socialist agenda by ‘volunteering’ in order to get college tuition credit.

Because of Barack Obama’s love for Marxist government, he will plant all the seeds in our government and society to make the slippery slope toward communism all but impossible to prevent.


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