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Posted by A Stoner on Sunday, March 14, 2010 7:38:12 PM
We have witnessed the veil of righteousness from the progressive entitlement programs get ripped off over the last 16 months (October 2008 to present) and the voters have seen the death faces behind that veil. 2011-2016 may be the best time in the last 22 years to pick up where Reagan left off, due to having to work against Democrat majorities in the houses during his time.

We have some few leaders who are ready to pick up that yoke and pull America out of the entitlement swamp and back onto that Shining Hill. Paul Ryan proposes to bring the spending down to a limited level, wean the public off both social security, medicare and medicaid.

We may have a chance to place some fiscally sound Amendments into the Constitution that clarify the limit on the size of government. I feel it needs to be significantly less than what Paul Ryan calls for.

It is time that conservatives teach the public how the entitlements prevent the wealth base of the nation from expanding which leaves many people struggling, where as, if the wealth base was allowed to expand faster, everyone would be better off.

It is time that conservatives teach the public that charity is not the theft at gunpoint through taxation of property to be handed out by politicians in order for them to buy votes from hyphenated voting blocks Poor-Americans, Uninsured-Americans, African-Americans, Mexican-Americans. That when people keep more of their money, that they can support far more and better forms of charity on their own.

It is time that conservatives teach the public the difference between a right, a need, and a wish. Rights are things that you can exercise without the need of others to serve you, needs are things that allow you to live, wishes are things that make your life happier than simply living. When needs and wishes are perverted into rights, then they turn other people into slaves to meet those needs.

We need more Television channels like Fox news, In fact, someone should plan to take over one of the big 3 stations and run it like fox does. We need to keep the Tea Party going into the future so that it can keep the politicians honest and prevent the perversion of our constitution towards a death pact with socialism and tyranny as the road and vehicle of motion.


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