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Posted by A Stoner on Sunday, March 28, 2010 2:51:34 PM
Response to Hyperbole at Obama health insurance requirement taken from GOP

“Does a hospital ER have a God-given right to kick you to the curb and LET YOU DIE when you show up with chest pains? Does an ambulance crew have a “God-given right” to pack up and leave you behind at the accident scene when they realize you don’t have health insurance?”

Actually they do, but an over reaching socialist government took that right away from them. Almost all large hospitals in this nation began under Christian and Catholic churches and were supported with patient fees and private charity. They would have the right to refuse service, but I seriously doubt ever did, until government stepped in and started to micro manage medical care providers.

“A simple fact is this. If you exercise your “God-given right” to not have health insurance, you are an irresponsible drain on society, no better than lazy welfare cheats who don’t work when they are more than capable to do so. And here is why.”

I do not have health insurance. I have been to the hospital. I go to chiropractors. I see the dentist. I get my eyes checked. I am not rich, but I pay for all my services with money from my work. While I am a disabled Veteran and have access to the VA regional medical centers, I rarely ever take advantage of it. Am I drain on the nation? Am I lazy welfare cheat?

“Therefore, if you are seriously ill or injured, you will get treated at whatever hospital you are taken to.”

Like the one in Chicago where Obama’s wife Michelle worked that had a special deal with officials that allowed it to dump patients, to the point that even unstable patients were not treated? Interesting…

“The medical industry calls this “uncompensated care” and it is largely the cause of both high premiums and the closure of many hospitals, especially ones in poorer or rural areas.”

We Americans are very charitable people. We give hundreds of billions of dollars to charity every year. Our government takes trillions of dollars from our pockets every year, preventing us from being even more charitable. The churches still run a significant portion of the hospitals in this country, and they would be far better off if the government stepped back and left them alone, and those who charitably give to them. Government steals 55% (not this year) of potential charitable gifts when people die and their estates are assessed the death taxes. It is not just simply the tax that steals money from these hospitals, but the disincentive to building even greater fortunes for which the government can steal that removes a likely even greater sum.

Forcing people to buy a product they do not want is simply evil and unethical. Insurance is a product, it is one for which people have no need of. It is a nice luxury item, similar to health care. I have a choice in what health care services I want. I get to tell the doctors that I do not want what they are offering, and I am legally allowed to do so. When I give my consent, I am agreeing to pay the cost of the service.

There have been many instances of usurpation of my god given right to live without health insurance over the years. Now, the right is being wholly stolen from me and others and for what purpose other than to subsidize other people’s health care? Why should I be forced to pay for other people’s preexisting conditions? (I have my own preexisting conditions, and for the most part, I chose not to treat them, it is my life, and my choice and frankly none of yours or the government’s business.) People who have preexisting conditions have choices they can make. One, they can beg for alms from the very generous and charitable Americans in their community to help them pay for their health care. Two, they can work very hard and pay for their health care, as far as I know, hospitals do not attach people’s pay checks to get their money, so a person can chose to pay off their life saving debt and maybe not buy another color tv, another vacation, another new car, a bigger home, eat luxury meals and other unneeded things. Three, they can simply not get treated if the other two choices are below them, that the only way they are willing to be treated is if some other person is held liable for their life giving treatments.

Unfortunately, our society is not one based on freedom and god given rights. It has been deformed into one of need and wish granted rights. I need food, give it to me, I demand it, it is my right. I need a house, give it to me, I demand it, it is my right. I need to have a luxury life, give it to me, I demand it, it is my right. You talk about ‘lazy welfare cheats’ while demanding that we provide more incentive for people to become ‘lazy welfare cheats’ by subsidizing their sloth, and that is repugnant and appalling!


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