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Posted by A Stoner on Thursday, November 06, 2008 5:47:24 PM
This is a reply I made to a post on Paterico’s Pontifications.

Not enough money.
He could have had plenty of money if he had chosen to not disenfranchise as many conservatives as he did. I would have supported him if at any point in time after he picked Palin he would have shown he was going to actually have some conservative values in being president, I think many conservatives felt as I do that they could not in good concience support the Maverick liberal senator who will act as much liberal as conservative once elected.
The fallout from Sarah Palin’s pick.
Sarah Palin had no fall-out, at least not with people who mattered. Sarah Palin is just as loved by moderates as she is by conservatives. John McCain lost this because conservatives allegedly stayed home this election.
Too few (or too many) attacks on Obama.
I agree with both too few attacks that mattered on things people would have changed their minds about. Too many attacks on subjects that would make someone maybe not like Barack Obama as much, but not sway their vote anyways. John McCain was too blind to be able to see the whites of their eyes
Moving to the right instead of acting like the maverick he is.
He moved to the right? I am sorry, I never saw that. Maybe it was when he voted against for the $700,000,000,000.00 start-the-socialism-now bail-out of greedy wall street executives, hide-the-misdeeds-of-the-democratic-congress-over-the-last-30-years, and give hand-outs to people who irresponsibly borrowed more for a house they could not afford? No, that is not likely it.
Impossible polls for the GOP following the Bush Presidency.
McCain led from when he Picked Palin until when he chose to suspend his campaign in order to gather support against for the $700,000,000,000.00 boondogle that Paulson the newly minted king is lording over every single large company in the country. He should have stayed on the right here and demanded that capitalism be allowed to run its course correction, and once the correction was near complete have the government give the economy a jumpstart.
Taking a high-risk approach instead of focusing on his experience and leadership.
I do not understand what his high risk style was. Maybe it was how he tried to out liberal the liberal by promising $300,000,000,000.00 of the $700,000,000,000.00 to the lowlifes who cannot pay for the homes they purchased? That was pretty high risk, in fact I think suicidal. Who the hell was it designed to sway the votes of? The only votes that changed with that were people slightly more willing than me to vote for McCain, and it moved them to either stay home like I did, or to support Barack Obama.
Media support for Obama.
Not a problem, all he had to do was keep up the Celebrity theme. Move it to more aspects of the man, but instead all his comercials were one shots that did not stick in the minds of the viewer. John McCain’s best opportunities were when the media had the least opportunity to get in the way of the message. Debates 1, 2 and 3. Each of which were wasted by McCain. Imagine if in the first debate he would have either stayed in Washington and came to the conclusion that the bailout was a mistake and that he would oppose it, sending Palin to stand in for him. It would have humiliated Barack and shown McCain to have a true Country First position. Or if he would have shown up for the debate and told the American people he did not support the bailout, that socialism was not the way for America to go. That capitalism would correct this problem, and that the reason we were in this mess to begin with was because of the socialistic idea that people who cannot get loans because of their low likely hood of paying the loans off were being given loans by force of government mandate and subsidized by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Just imagine if the bailout proceeded to get passed (with-out John McCain having Voted for it) and everything that has happened since then still happened. Market dives, 401K losses, job losses and a government hamstrung from being able to do anything because it just added over $1,300,000,000,000.00 to the deficit in one month. Think maybe a few people would have decided to go with That Guy in stead of That One?
The timing of the financial meltdown.
Life happens, prove you can lead no matter what happens. In this case McCain was being led down the path to hell by his good masters. If McCain wanted to win he would have opposed the Bailout, and called for immediate tax releif to companies that were going to survive. He would have called for the treasury to step in and help liquidate the assets of the companies that could not survive. He would have done what anyone with a grain of capitalism in his veins would have done. Instead he followed the leaders down the path to demolition of capitalism and sewed the seeds of marxism into our future heritage.
Bad luck.
Bad choices. The party made a bad choice, we got what we chose. McCain chose to be democrat light, another bad choice. There was only one good choice in all of this and that is the choice of Palin as VP and hopefully future President.

In the end McCain was his worst enemy in this election. The fact of the matter is that this was his election to lose once he picked Palin. In each and every situation he decided to either retreat or hold position. His only redeeming act in this was his choice for VP, and right now he better keep his redemption by defending her.

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