Romney’s word is as valid as his past actions.   2 comments

I do not take a potential presidents word on faith. It MUST be backed up with concrete actions that show he means what he says.

Reagan did not rebuild the Shining City Upon a Hill because the congress was at his back helping him do it. Instead, he inspired the American people with his words and his philosophy, and got them to force the changes through congress.

Newt did not get rid of the Welfare State with a president happy to do so and a congress that wanted to do it. He took the message to the people, and with their backing he forced Clinton and congress to do what was right.

Romney does none of this. In fact, I would argue that having an 80% Democrat congress in Massachusetts was a planned foil.
The only conservative thing he did in Massachusetts was veto progressive legislation line items that he knew would be over turned. When you look at areas where he did have power to accomplish conservative goals, what did he do?

The executive branch record shows that he supported the extreme environmentalists in all of their activities. From shutting down power generation, demonizing coal, Global warming, cap and trade, the RGGI, shutting down domestic energy production to save the view for rich people. He had control of that, and the results were progressive.

The executive branch record shows that he supported gay marriage. His defense was pathetic (some lawyer he is), and once the verdict came down he fast tracked gays to their nuptials, then squashed the constitutional amendment that was gaining steam to overturn the supreme court.

The executive branch record shows that he created the first in the nation politics free judge nomination process. I guess he did not want to really appoint conservative judges. Instead, out of 36 appointments all of 9 were (R) as in Massachusetts Republicans, not very conservative at all.

Where exactly are we going to find the records that demonstrate that when the rubber met the pavement, Romney was actually FOR conservative policies? We cannot.

In fact, Romney did not want people to know anything about the inside the office discussions taking place on taxpayer computers at taxpayers expense. He bought the hard drives and destroyed their content so that no one will have proof of what was going on. If he was acting conservatively, then you would have been able to find proof in the interoffice communications. Sadly you cannot.

What this tells me is that Romney is progressive to the core.

Lets imagine day one. Romney orders up a group to staff an apolitical judge nominating committee and announces it to the world. The media is all ecstatic, the justice in America will finally be politics free. That one thing right there would end any hope of ever getting a constitution admiring supreme court for the rest of America’s days.


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2 responses to “Romney’s word is as valid as his past actions.

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  1. I have been following your comments on Hot Air for some time, I have to say that I thought that there were very few people as cynnical as me when it came to our government and the circus it has become. I find your posts quite refreshing and similar in thought to my way of thinking. I look foward to reading more and your continued parry and thrusts on Hot Air.

    Don Kampe (aka Marsh Fox)
  2. Never stopped by your blog before. Interesting to say the least! You replied to me at HA I am scrumpy… I have heard murmurings, nothing that speaks to me as set in stone, but I have heard Romney say that he is not gonna get rid of O’care but ‘use’ some of it, such as you suggest Masscare… I truly am upset by his comments, but as far as I can see it, there isn’t any viable alternative… I mean seriously, Obama HAS to go! Is Romney as bad as you suggest? A prog in sheeps clothing? I can’t bear to think it so…

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