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How to protect State’s Rights? State Removal of Justices!   Leave a comment

Posted by A Stoner on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 10:00:00 AM
When the 17th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America was enacted the states lost their sovereignty. Other than repealing the 17th Amendment there does not seem to be any way to enforce the constitution’s protections of states rights. What would it take to bring back the concept of states rights when the Supreme Court of the United States of America no longer sees the constitution as a constraint to the federal government? I think that a constitutional amendment that gives states the right to remove Supreme Court Justice’s would be the answer to this quandary. It would work similar to a call for a constitutional convention in that it would take 2/3 of the states to vote for the removal. The president gets to appoint the Supreme Court Justices, the Senate gets to check those appointments, and the states get to decide if those justices are indeed protecting their interest in the contract that we call the Constitution of the United States of America. This should restore some balance of power in our government.


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Lets keep the take back of our nation moving.   Leave a comment

Posted by A Stoner on Sunday, March 14, 2010 7:38:12 PM
We have witnessed the veil of righteousness from the progressive entitlement programs get ripped off over the last 16 months (October 2008 to present) and the voters have seen the death faces behind that veil. 2011-2016 may be the best time in the last 22 years to pick up where Reagan left off, due to having to work against Democrat majorities in the houses during his time.

We have some few leaders who are ready to pick up that yoke and pull America out of the entitlement swamp and back onto that Shining Hill. Paul Ryan proposes to bring the spending down to a limited level, wean the public off both social security, medicare and medicaid.

We may have a chance to place some fiscally sound Amendments into the Constitution that clarify the limit on the size of government. I feel it needs to be significantly less than what Paul Ryan calls for.

It is time that conservatives teach the public how the entitlements prevent the wealth base of the nation from expanding which leaves many people struggling, where as, if the wealth base was allowed to expand faster, everyone would be better off.

It is time that conservatives teach the public that charity is not the theft at gunpoint through taxation of property to be handed out by politicians in order for them to buy votes from hyphenated voting blocks Poor-Americans, Uninsured-Americans, African-Americans, Mexican-Americans. That when people keep more of their money, that they can support far more and better forms of charity on their own.

It is time that conservatives teach the public the difference between a right, a need, and a wish. Rights are things that you can exercise without the need of others to serve you, needs are things that allow you to live, wishes are things that make your life happier than simply living. When needs and wishes are perverted into rights, then they turn other people into slaves to meet those needs.

We need more Television channels like Fox news, In fact, someone should plan to take over one of the big 3 stations and run it like fox does. We need to keep the Tea Party going into the future so that it can keep the politicians honest and prevent the perversion of our constitution towards a death pact with socialism and tyranny as the road and vehicle of motion.

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Why hasn’t Obama been filling job posts?   Leave a comment

Posted by A Stoner on Thursday, March 11, 2010 10:13:43 PM
We all know DC is a total culture of corruption. We have seen how the Democrats used corruption in Representative Massa’s case. When he refused to cave in, they threw him over board. It is highly likely those charges would never have been followed up if he had played the game and just voted for the health care take over bill. So, those who they can strong arm through back room deals on keeping the dirty laundry hidden will be safe. Those who are too clean to strong arm or kick out of office will be bribed with those significant number of jobs that have been left unfilled for over a year, jobs that will sorely be needed by many when the Gales of November come tearing through the halls of the House of Representatives. That is my take on how things are currently playing out on Capitol Hill, what are your takes?

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The tax filler of choice?   Leave a comment

Posted by A Stoner on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 10:12:25 PM
There seem to be a large number of blog posts and news articles around the country that state communities are trying to bolster their reduced tax budgets with an increase in fees from policing motorists, primarily for speeding.

I have seen first hand different communities that do this, and most cannot be prevented from doing so. Any community near an interstate is perfectly happy to collect fees for their towns by taxing out of state travellers by pulling them over and fining them for speeding or any other infraction that they can make stick. Because these travellers are from out of state, there is almost no chance they will be willing to challenge the infraction in court, so it is very easy money. Other communities are willing to do this to their own citizens and frame it as a safety promotion issue. Other communities use traffic light cameras for this purpose as well.

Interestingly, studies find that increased speed limits do not translate into higher accident or death rates. When the double nickle was dropped and states were allowed to set speeds to what they desired, accidents and deaths went down, even in the state that actually got rid of interstate speed limits altogether. Studies show that stop light cameras actually lead to an increase in accidents, yet even when the accidents continue to pile up, the cameras do not go away. So, the idea that these are nothing more than stealth unfair taxation does not seem to be very far off.

My feelings on this issue is that speed limits are a distraction to drivers. When you speed, you are always on the look out for a cop, and thus not on the look out for other things. Speed recommendations should be implemented that give a reasonable speed for the area but are not directly enforced. Anyone one involved in an accident in that area would face very steep fines if they were driving higher than the speed limit and in cases of school zones and other pedestrian points I would recommend short jail stays. For those who do not get into accidents, what is the issue? The science of crash site investigations is good enough that evidence on the the scene can hit a pretty close marker as to what the speed of a vehicle was before the crash. If the issue is safety, the jail time and the very steep fines for speeding and getting into an accident will do far more than random and prejudicial enforcement.

Enforcement is prejudicial. If it is raining, a time when cops should be more inclined to stop motorists who are speeding (due to wet pavement making stopping in time harder and frequently visibility is impaired as well) many cops do not pull speeders over so they can remain dry and comfortable. Police officers are very fickle with who they hand out tickets to. I am a white male,when I get pulled over, I always get a ticket and usually one that has a speed higher than I saw on my speedometer. On the other hand, older people who happen to also be blinder and slower in reaction time who I have been in the passenger seat with have never been given anything more than a warning, which they promptly ignore as they accelerate to 20 mph or more over the speed limit within view of the police officer. A woman who has been drinking and was speeding at 40 mph over the speed limit in foggy conditions is pulled over and flirts her way into a ticket that says she was going 4 mph over the speed limit. How can a nation of laws exist when the laws are so malleable as to be either meaningless to some people or completely iron clad against others all at the discretion and prejudice of those who enforce it?

Then you also have the conflict of interest in the judicial process of traffic violations. The judge is an advocate of the state, county or city for which he sits and the plaintiff is the state, county or city in which you are tried.

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Health Care Reform   Leave a comment

Posted by A Stoner on Tuesday, March 09, 2010 1:37:18 AM
The solutions to our loss of values, responsibility and accountability with respect to the health care issue is as follows. It is harsh, unlike some people’s utopian ideas.

Send the Illegal aliens out of the country. Every last one we can by use of the laws on the books. Work site raids, prison sentences for employers who can be proven to have hired known illegals or those who did not do the bare minimum to ensure they only hired legal workers. I would also suggest figuring out who the people are that are doing lawn care, house cleaning and so forth. The jobs illegals take from Americans, they take mostly from the poorest of our nation. Children cannot fairly compete against illegals for character building task oriented jobs for neighbors. Adults cannot fairly compete against illegals for low skill high labor tasks that would give them work experience and a payday. The illegals come from nations with much lower standards of living, and think nothing of shacking up 10 people to a room in a home and eating much lower cost foods than most Americans are accustomed to.

Stop the tax free status of employer provided health insurance. Make the employers pay that money directly to the employee. The employee can then buy insurance on their own or through their employer, or through any voluntary group they chose to associate with. Yeah, it is pretty extreme, but then again, the whole idea of paying people with insurance seems somewhat extreme. I think people would prefer to have cash.

Allow a tax deduction, not a refundable tax credit, for those who buy health insurance. Health Insurance companies can send a 1099-Insurance similar to the 1099 form I get from my student loan company so I have a record for my tax deduction. This will keep the whole tax free health insurance valid, only it will take the power away from corporations and give it back to the worker, where it belongs.

Allow people to create unlimited health savings accounts that are paid with tax free money. They can only be used for the following things. Health care of anyone the owner of the account chooses to pay the health care costs of, funeral services, burial lots and such, and are also fully transferable through their will to any purpose they propose with no limit.

Give health Care providers a strong position to collect unpaid health care bills from deadbeats. Those who wish to pursue payments can, those who do charity can choose to not. But health care providers should have as much right to compensation as any other entity.

Get rid of the health care lottery system. Lawyers who pursue lawsuits over medical malpractice must be paid on a fixed fee or hourly rate basis only, 30% basis makes it a layer’s lottery more than actually paying for the actual damages. Pain and suffering must be limited, based on severity and duration of pain. Any punitive damages awarded do not go to the lawyer or the injured, but go to the insurance companies, so long as they are not also the malpractice insurance provider. It will be paid to these insurance providers based on % of past 5 years payments to the health care facility sued. All damages awarded go directly to the injured party, and malpractice insurance provider picks up lawyer fees and court costs. Loser pays for court costs and lawyer fees of person pursuing lawsuit. Malpractice insurance provider always picks up its own lawyer fees.

Allow insurance companies to sell insurance to any person regardless of location. Do not set lower limits on insurance, people who find it in their best interest for a high deductible catastrophic insurance plan should have one available to them. Those who want a more Cadillac plan should have those available. Basically, cross state sales of insurance.

In order to allow for preexisting conditions, allow insurance companies to exempt preexisting conditions from coverage for a set time frame, after which the insurance company would start to pick up some or all costs associated with the preexisting condition. I think some insurance companies already do this with a 2, 3 or 5 year waiting time. This seems fair. A person with preexisting conditions should be able to get health insurance, but health insurance companies should not be forced to pass on preexisting condition costs onto healthy customers, because it dilutes the value of insurance to those healthy customers and causes them to not feel that paying for it is worth it. People with preexisting conditions can likely count on charity, community and family to help cover many of their preexisting condition expenses.

Get rid of corporate taxes and investment taxes. This includes the death tax, which by a large margin is levied against small businesses and causes many to close. All taxes paid for by businesses are paid by customers. This makes American made products more expensive than outsourced products. This also causes businesses to open foreign plants and close domestic ones. This will do several things. It will increase production in America by Americans and allow Americans to be able to afford health insurance. Along with getting rid of illegal aliens, it will increase wages and move more poor people to middle class. It will improve employment and make workers more valuable through scarcity, and companies that cannot remain in business will go out of business. I do not have a problem with this, if a business cannot pay fair value for work or charge a price people are willing to pay, then they have no reason to be in business. If it means paying more for tomatoes, corn, carrots, shirts, socks, then that is the price that will be paid.

Get rid of medicare and medicaid as well as SCHIP and any other government provided health care benifit. The only exception is Veterans Administration, as we veterans pay for our health care through our blood sweat and tears providing the security through which any one else has the freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, also because the defense of the nation is in fact an enumerated responsibility of the Federal Government.

As far as states, I could care less what they do with health care. If they go the route of Massachusetts or the way of Texas. That is a right that states have. The federal government has no authority to be providing heath care for anyone other than those who serve in the armed forces. Everyone else, including our elected officials and government employees should be paying for their health care through their own pockets. If they chose to do so through insurance, great. If they choose to use a health savings account, awesome. If they can get a charity to pay for it, a relative from their medical savings account, or any other way, more power to them.

There, it is not nice, but it would work. Prices will drop. More people will become medical care practitioners because they are not discouraged by the government red tape and government underpricing. People will understand that there are values, responsibility and accountability in their health care choices, because the money will come from their own pockets, or from some charitable contribution that they will likely face first hand and know that they got something that has value. Taxes will drop, families will become stronger, values will be solidified, responsibility will be lain down on those who owe it, and accountability will be through self, family and community.

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What stopped McCain from winning.   Leave a comment

Posted by A Stoner on Thursday, November 06, 2008 5:47:24 PM
This is a reply I made to a post on Paterico’s Pontifications.

Not enough money.
He could have had plenty of money if he had chosen to not disenfranchise as many conservatives as he did. I would have supported him if at any point in time after he picked Palin he would have shown he was going to actually have some conservative values in being president, I think many conservatives felt as I do that they could not in good concience support the Maverick liberal senator who will act as much liberal as conservative once elected.
The fallout from Sarah Palin’s pick.
Sarah Palin had no fall-out, at least not with people who mattered. Sarah Palin is just as loved by moderates as she is by conservatives. John McCain lost this because conservatives allegedly stayed home this election.
Too few (or too many) attacks on Obama.
I agree with both too few attacks that mattered on things people would have changed their minds about. Too many attacks on subjects that would make someone maybe not like Barack Obama as much, but not sway their vote anyways. John McCain was too blind to be able to see the whites of their eyes
Moving to the right instead of acting like the maverick he is.
He moved to the right? I am sorry, I never saw that. Maybe it was when he voted against for the $700,000,000,000.00 start-the-socialism-now bail-out of greedy wall street executives, hide-the-misdeeds-of-the-democratic-congress-over-the-last-30-years, and give hand-outs to people who irresponsibly borrowed more for a house they could not afford? No, that is not likely it.
Impossible polls for the GOP following the Bush Presidency.
McCain led from when he Picked Palin until when he chose to suspend his campaign in order to gather support against for the $700,000,000,000.00 boondogle that Paulson the newly minted king is lording over every single large company in the country. He should have stayed on the right here and demanded that capitalism be allowed to run its course correction, and once the correction was near complete have the government give the economy a jumpstart.
Taking a high-risk approach instead of focusing on his experience and leadership.
I do not understand what his high risk style was. Maybe it was how he tried to out liberal the liberal by promising $300,000,000,000.00 of the $700,000,000,000.00 to the lowlifes who cannot pay for the homes they purchased? That was pretty high risk, in fact I think suicidal. Who the hell was it designed to sway the votes of? The only votes that changed with that were people slightly more willing than me to vote for McCain, and it moved them to either stay home like I did, or to support Barack Obama.
Media support for Obama.
Not a problem, all he had to do was keep up the Celebrity theme. Move it to more aspects of the man, but instead all his comercials were one shots that did not stick in the minds of the viewer. John McCain’s best opportunities were when the media had the least opportunity to get in the way of the message. Debates 1, 2 and 3. Each of which were wasted by McCain. Imagine if in the first debate he would have either stayed in Washington and came to the conclusion that the bailout was a mistake and that he would oppose it, sending Palin to stand in for him. It would have humiliated Barack and shown McCain to have a true Country First position. Or if he would have shown up for the debate and told the American people he did not support the bailout, that socialism was not the way for America to go. That capitalism would correct this problem, and that the reason we were in this mess to begin with was because of the socialistic idea that people who cannot get loans because of their low likely hood of paying the loans off were being given loans by force of government mandate and subsidized by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Just imagine if the bailout proceeded to get passed (with-out John McCain having Voted for it) and everything that has happened since then still happened. Market dives, 401K losses, job losses and a government hamstrung from being able to do anything because it just added over $1,300,000,000,000.00 to the deficit in one month. Think maybe a few people would have decided to go with That Guy in stead of That One?
The timing of the financial meltdown.
Life happens, prove you can lead no matter what happens. In this case McCain was being led down the path to hell by his good masters. If McCain wanted to win he would have opposed the Bailout, and called for immediate tax releif to companies that were going to survive. He would have called for the treasury to step in and help liquidate the assets of the companies that could not survive. He would have done what anyone with a grain of capitalism in his veins would have done. Instead he followed the leaders down the path to demolition of capitalism and sewed the seeds of marxism into our future heritage.
Bad luck.
Bad choices. The party made a bad choice, we got what we chose. McCain chose to be democrat light, another bad choice. There was only one good choice in all of this and that is the choice of Palin as VP and hopefully future President.

In the end McCain was his worst enemy in this election. The fact of the matter is that this was his election to lose once he picked Palin. In each and every situation he decided to either retreat or hold position. His only redeeming act in this was his choice for VP, and right now he better keep his redemption by defending her.

Edited on 11/22/2009 to fix code. Couple grammar and spelling fixes and such.

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Barack Obama Civil Security Force: Why Socialism Demands One.   Leave a comment

Posted by A Stoner on Sunday, November 02, 2008 6:18:06 PM
I think I have figured out why Barack Obama has decided that we need a powerful national civil security force that is as powerful as the military. It is because a national civil security force would not be hamstrung from attacking American Citizens as our military would be. The United States military cannot be used against its citizens, and the people who form the back bone of the military would not allow themselves to be turned against the civilian population, they serve the Constitution, which they respect. The civilian security force would not have these United States of the Constitution restrictions placed on them. The civilian security force would also likely be made up of people who share the views of Barack Obama as well as William Ayers and other people who wish to turn America into the United Socialist States of America because the people who are already serving America serve her in the United States military forces.

When Barack Obama starts to make the changes to this country that he plans to make, many Americans are going to be justly against these changes, and there will eventually come a time when “We the People” are going to be forced to stand up to keep our great nation great. This is when the true nature of the civilian security force will be shown. It will be under the direct command of Barack Obama and will work very much like his truth squads and his radio talk show stopping goon squad’s work. When Americans dare to question Barack first the goon squads will be dispatched to try to over talk them, if this does not work, the truth squads will be set free to prosecute and litigate people into subdued silence, and when all else fails, the National Civilian Security Force will force Americans to remain in their homes, or be taken to reeducation camps, such as what William Ayers and Bernadine Dhorn talked about where 25,000,000 American may need to be terminated in order to bring about socialism. Since then, America has grown much in population and that 25,000,000 may be significantly increased.
Barack Obama’s tax plans will hobble our economy and job creation and likely cause a large exodus of money from American companies into other countries industries. Barack Obama’s plans for or energy sector will cause massive rolling blackouts and likely many in America will no longer be able to afford to heat their homes in winter or cool them in summer. His plans for powering our transportation needs will cause Americans to give up their freedom for public transportation. His plans for our health care will eventually lead to medical rationing. When all of these problems cause the American freedom loving people to stand up, they will need to be knocked down, and since Barack could not trust in the Military to subdue them, he will need the National Civilian Security Forces to do it.

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